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Hello world and all who inhabit it! Welcome to my blog. At the time begin I mostly reblog stuff from the following: Adventure Time, Anime, K-pop, cats (I owned a cat), fashion, ...well just anything I find amusing or concerning . For Kpop, I am a Baby (BAP), a Starlight (VIXX) and a BBC (Block B). But I like other groups and individual artist as well check out my kpop bias list

College Student,
International Studies Major,
Cis Black Woman,
Current Tumblr addict,
Forever Alone....

Kpop has ruined me

I really want to go to the B.A.P concert

I could possible go to the DC one but I am not sure

if only I had the power of teleportation, 90% of what keep me from going would be solved. 

So close. yet, so far.